About SRG

The multidisciplinary Materials Technology Laboratory (MTL) of Northwestern's Department of Materials Science and Engineering was founded at MIT in 1985 by its Director, Prof. Greg Olson, as the multi-institutional Steel Research Group (SRG) and reorganized in 1988 with Northwestern as lead institution. The mission of the program is the creation of the methods, tools and databases for the systems-based multiscale multidisciplinary computational design of materials, using high-performance ferrous alloys as an initial test case. 

Current Projects

The projects currently being investigated by the group include research on advanced high strength steels, high temperature aluminum alloys, shape memory alloys, blast protection steels, additive manufacturing, shape memory alloys, biomartensite and others.


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Research Team

The research group has a team of research assistant professors, post-docs, graduate students and undergraduate students working with Prof. Olson in their specific projects. 


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